About US

Vision & Mission

To be Global Preferred Express Parcel Service Provider with a Special Consumer (2C) Focus.


ECO Express Courier. Service envisages to be a $5 Billion dollars valued enterprise by 2020.

To achieve this mission, the company has adopted the following key initiatives:

Promoting Premium Express Products for better customer satisfaction and higher profitability

Value-added services to cater to evolved demands of customers

Continuous optimization of resources to lower costs scientifically

Revenue protection at every step of the value chain

Superior cash flow management


ECO Express Courier. Service and its management are focusing on establishing the following foundational blocks:

Track record of strong quarterly results

Strong brand image through phased re-branding of all company and franchise outlets

Corporate governance

Statutory disclosures

Better public relationship

An inclusive business philosophy

Management integrity

Future growth plans

Past and current profits